Why make rules?

Safely connecting people and places is very important. Rules help to provide a safe environment for greenway users. Granville County and its municipalities are working closely to develop and implement rules for greenways, parks, and trails to provide the public with a safe place for recreation and other activities.

The following rules are in place for public safety and will be further developed and updated frequently. Check back often for updates. For more information about specific rules or hours of operation for specific greenways check out the maps for parks and trails; click on a specific greenway for detailed information.

Safety Guidelines

The County and municipalities will be developing and implementing a Safety and Security Program for the greenway system. This program will be coordinated with local law enforcement officials, local neighborhood watch associations, and Adopt-a-Greenway organizations. Important components of the safety and security program may include the following:

  • Work with public safety agencies to develop a management plan for the greenway system.
  • Prepare and post user rules and regulations at all public access points to greenway trails.
  • Work with the management agencies to develop trail emergency procedures.
  • Prepare a safety checklist for the greenway system, and use it during field inspection of greenway facilities.
  • Develop a method to gather user input regarding safety through written or electronic feedback.
  • Coordinate other public information programs that provide information about greenway events and activities in which municipal and county residents can participate.

Once completed the Safety and Security Program information will be posted on this website.

Rules & Regulations

Trail rules are currently being developed. However, some general trail rules and guidelines are provided below. This section will be updated when trail rules are developed and updated.

  • Trails within greenway corridors shall be for public use from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year, except as specifically designated.
  • Individuals who are found to be using unlighted facilities after dusk and before dawn should be deemed in violation of these hours of operation and treated as trespassers.
  • Where trails are lighted for nighttime use, the rules established within the Greenway Master Plan should govern permitted uses and activities.
  • Law enforcement shall enforce trespassing laws as defined under North Carolina General Statutes for publicly owned lands and facilities.