Granville Greenways values your input. The Greenway Technical Coordinating Committee meets monthly and the Granville Greenway Advisory Committee meets quarterly; all are open to the public. Please feel free to attend any of these meetings (meeting dates and times are updated regularly on the Events page).

Public input is also accepted online by filling out the form below. We value your input and want to hear what you have to say about Granville Greenways!

What Your Neighbors Are Saying


“Our Greenway System is one of the most exciting and durable legacies we can create for our community. It is a true celebration of our unique and wonderful environmental landscape and our cultural heritage.”

Darryl D. Moss, Mayor
City of Creedmoor


“It has been a pleasure to serve on the Greenways’ committees, that are developing our Greenways system. I believe it will help so many of our citizens in their quest for better health and longer life. I applaud Jackie Sergent of our health department and Scottie Wilkins, for all [their] help and guidance in getting it organized. I think we will all be surprised at the large number of people that will use the greenways once completed. What a terrific idea.”

Jack Day, Mayor
Town of Stem


“How can we not love a strong greenway system which offers people a safe way to get around, whether for transportation or pleasure, using pedal or foot power? Greenways can help preserve our environment and open spaces, and provide a connection to the rural world which is such a big part of Granville County’s identity. I am hopeful that as the years pass, Granville County will have an exemplary greenway system that will become a destination for others as well as serve its own residents well.”

Jackie Sergent, Commissioner
City of Oxford


“I am pleased to announce that the City of Creedmoor has recently approved a plan to establish a network of open space preservation and greenway trails for walking, recreation and conservation throughout the Creedmoor community. Our trail system will provide linkages to other municipalities and part of Granville County. Creedmoor’s greenway system will protect important and environmentally sensitive resources; provide recreational and educational opportunities; provide an alternative transportation system; and, provide for economic benefit for the community.”

David Roesler – Planning Director
City of Creedmoor


“Building Greenways in our communities can provide us with the one we all are so afraid of losing: our sense of “place”….our culture. The fulfillment that we had years ago through congregating in the neighborhood, strolling along dirt roads, skipping rocks at the local pond, watching our children play safely outdoors, and riding or walking to the store to shop can be ours again through the creation of Greenways. Greenways can bring those paths, meeting places and activities of long ago back into our daily lives. This vision can be achieved with the effective use of remaining open space. Greenways are an effective land use strategy that helps to balance growth with maintaining meaningful communities. This vision, and our commitment to it, is needed in order to preserve what we value most: our culture and quality of life.”

Scottie K. Cornett-Wilkins
City of Creedmoor