Granville Greenway’s leadership consists of the Granville Greenways Advisory Council (GGAC) and the Greenway Technical Coordinating Committee (GTCC).

Granville Greenway Advisory Council (GGAC)

The purpose of the GGAC is to advance the mission and vision of Granville Greenways and to provide oversight for greenway planning in Granville County. The Council promotes and facilitates coordinated direction and guidance in the planning, development, and maintenance of a system of greenways throughout Granville County. The GGAC consists of 9 members representing the governing bodies of the County, Oxford, Butner, Creedmoor, Stem, Stovall, and the Board of Education. The Executive Director of the Granville County Economic Development Commission and a parent of a student enrolled in the Granville County School System are also represented on the GGAC.

The GGAC works to:

  • Promote the Greenway Master Plan
  • Coordinate efforts to minimize planning, construction, and land preparation costs,
  • Create a seamless system throughout Granville County and its municipal jurisdictions
  • Advise and inform the governing bodies and the citizens of the county of existing, planned, and potential opportunities for establishing greenways and their administration within the county
  • Identify and recommend funding sources
  • Provide guidance to and receive input from the GTCC.

Composed of 32 members appointed by local governments, the GTCC works to guide and support the GGAC. Members are from various backgrounds and bring varying points of view to greenway matters, but have a common goal of wanting to develop a successful greenway system in the county. GTCC members include planners, developers, surveyors, public health, recreation, business, and safety experts, elected officials, and other residents.

The GTCC provides technical support to the GGAC by assisting with the marketing, implementation, and policy components of Granville Greenways and advancing the mission and vision of the Greenway Master Plan. As the scope of the mission broadens and changes, so shall the tasks of the GTCC. Members are working to spread the “greenway” word in Granville County and are happy to share it with anyone interested. If you want to be a part of the GTCC or learn more about Granville Greenways, click here to contact us.