The Meaning Behind the Mission of Granville Greenways
Working to Improve Life for Granville County Residents

Work on greenways in Granville County arose from findings in the 2002 Community Health Assessment that Granville County residents were dying sooner from chronic diseases than the average North Carolinian.

livewell granville logoBecause research shows that being physically active, eating right, and avoiding tobacco use all can decrease the risk for chronic diseases, LiveWell Granville (the local Healthy Carolinians Partnership) formed a Health Promotion Workgroup to create policy or environmental changes that support healthy behaviors.

In 2004, this group was awarded funds by Eat Smart Move North Carolina and the NC Healthy Weight Initiative to create a Greenway Master Plan for the county. The group’s goal was to inventory and map existing utility and rail easements, assess them for feasibility as greenways, seek public input about greenway placements, and create a general plan using both sets of information. The plan was completed in December 2005.